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Dr. Peter E. Hagen
Associate Dentist

My Story

Hello, I’m Dr. Peter Hagen.

After receiving my BS in Biology from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, I received my DDS degree from UOP, San Francisco, in 1984. I have been fortunate to be in private practice in Southern California my entire dental career.  I am an active member of the Orange County Dental Society, California Dental Society, American Dental Society, and the Academy of Cad-Cam Dentistry.  I implemented CEREC dentistry into my practice in 2000, and in addition to my dental practice I became an instructor in CADCAM dentistry in 2006, teaching and lecturing throughout the Western United States.

I am married to my wonderful wife, Jann, and we have a son named Storm.  Jann was a dental hygienist in our office for years, and many of our long-time patients still remember her caring ways.  She currently is our office COO and takes care of the many complexities of running a successful dental practice.  It was also her incredible vision that provided the comfortable, tropical feel of our new office.  Storm is the newest “Dr. Hagen” on our team, making it a true family practice.

Although I’ve wanted to be a dentist ever since I was in grade school, my other passion is sports. I’ve mixed my love of both by adorning the walls of the office with sports memorabilia from all eras. I’m constantly moving them around and adding to my collection, so when you come to the office, take some time to look them over and find your personal favorite!

It will only take about five minutes after you’ve met me to know I’m crazy about golf. I’m lucky that both Janice and Storm love to play as well, so we play a lot together.  I’ve been known to give and get a few lessons from our patients during their visits, and we’ve rolled our share of putts down the hallway over the years.

We pride ourselves in a family-type atmosphere in our office, and I have surrounded myself with what I feel is the best staff in all of Orange County.  We also strive to stay current with all the latest technology that makes your visit more efficient, safe, and enjoyable.  Please take the time to navigate our website regarding these latest advances in dentistry!

Yours in Good Health,

Dr. Hagen

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